20 Polkas and Waltzes

Cleveland Style Polkas and Waltzes with many different artists!

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Bill Seles presents “20 Polkas and Waltzes” that you’ve come to know and love. There are many great artists on this CD playing fine Slovenian/Cleveland Style polka music. Don’t pass this collector CD!

Track Listing:

1. Slap Happy Polka-Johnny Vadnal
2. Saint Nick’s Polka-Fred Gregorich
3. Songs of Love-Steve Meisner
4. Kristen’s Waltz-Frankie Spetich
5. Polka Flashback-Frank Stanger
6. Only One Girl Polka-Sam Pugliano
7. Springtime in the Rockies-Art Perko
8. Jackie’s Polka-Carl Stocker
9. Blue Sunset-Gene Casiola
10. Because Polka-Andy Carroll Trio
11. Polka Mania-Joe Alese
12. Dancing Debbie Polka-Bob Timko
13. Blue Lady Polka-Joe Fedorchak
14. Louise Waltz-Johnny Vadnal
15. My Sweetheart Waltz-Zolka Brothers
16. Sugar Shack Polka-Steve Novosel
17. Loretta Polka-Walter Ostanek
18. Kitty’s Waltz-John Detelich
19. Fairway Polka-John Tasz
20. Long Live Our Brothers-Johnny Krizancic
Artist: Various Artists

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