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America's Polka King - The Real Story of Frankie Yankovic and His Music - Book

America's Polka King Frankie Yankovic Biography in book form!

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America's Polka King Frankie Yankovic - The Real Story of Frankie Yankovic and His Music

as written by Bob Dolgan




The most interesting book we have ever read. . . Frankie Yankovic was quite an interesting individual but when put in context of the other musicians of his era, the music, and the times-this is even more than his story, it is a history of the Cleveland style music that we all love so much today. . . Dolgan does an excellent job and we hope that he will write more just like it. --The Polka News


Many authors could have come up with the outline of Yankovic s life, but Dolgan goes much further to define the (Polka)King's personal appeal. This enlightening biograhy may spark sales of polka music. --Akron Beacon Journal


It s easy to romanticize the days when polka was king; it's more of a challenge to capture the complexity of real people in an era when Cleveland's factories and ethnic social halls were alive. Rather than succumb to the temptation of simply marveling, former Plain Dealer columnist Bob Dolgan takes an unflinching look at the life and times of a superstar. --Free Times


Product Description


Frankie Yankovic, the foremost musician in American polka history, never wanted to play it safe. His life was filled with triumphs, defeats, crises, and controversies. An uninhibited original, Yankovic earned his international reputation.


For half a century, the Cleveland native thrilled polka fans around the globe with hits such as "Just Because" and the "Blue Skirt Waltz." He sold millions of records, won the first Polka Grammy, influenced a generation of musicians, and found fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams.


But behind the light-hearted sounds of the accordion stood a man obsessed. Yankovic's tumultuous touring schedule and restless temper alienated talented band members and made family life difficult. Yankovic struggled with dark emotions while playing "the happiest music on earth."


Yankovic rose above his troubles and became an idol to polka fans in America, Canada, and Europe. He could be lovable, mean, generous, and petty, but always brave and audacious. Above all, he was an entertainer. There may never be another like him. This is his story.


About the Author

Bob Dolgan, like Frank Yankovic, was born into a Slovenian family. (His father was once a boarder in the Yankovic household in Cleveland.) In his late teens and early twenties, Dolgan was a regular at polka dances where Yankovic's music reigned supreme. In 1957, he joined the staff of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, where he served as a columnist and feature writer. He has won many local, state, and national writing awards, and his sports columns are collected in the book Heroes, Scamps, and Good Guys. He was also co-author of Frank Yankovic's autobiography, published in 1977. He lives in Willoughby Hills, Ohio, with his wife, Cecilia, president of the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame.

Artist: Frankie Yankovic as written by Bob Dolgan

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