Ania Piwowarczyk - Life's too Short…Thank God for Polkas

Polish Music with Award Winning Ania Piwowarczyk!

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Ania Piwowarczyk is a talented singer and song writer. She is best known for her CD with the Dynatones in which she sang the hit “Cyganeczka Polka”. Don’t pass this CD with Ania!

Track listing:

1. He Said Ole, Ole Polka
2. Czerwone Jagody Polka
3. Babcia and Dziadek Oberek
4. Anyway You like It Polka
5. Jednej Dcery Matka Polka
6. Matka Waltz
7. Ricochet Polka
8. Mother-in-Law Polka
9. I Have a Dream
10. Nie Chce Cie Polka
11. Rozmowa Polka
12. Bobby's Waltz / Roses Are Red
13. Na Srodku Pola Polka
14. Senor, You Are So Fine Polka
15. Chet the Kapusta King Waltz
16. Singing With the Angels Polka
17. Nie Pojde Oberek
18. Life's Too Short Polka
Artist: Ania Piwowarczyk

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