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Brave Combo - Polka's Revenge

Grammy® Award Winning Brave Combo, 2007 Grammy® Nominated album

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This is a Grammy® nominated CD album

Polka is all about tension and release. It is music that defies skeptics and seduces lovers; it is pure entertainment, dance until your feet ache, celebrate the moment magic. BRAVE COMBO’S passion for polka is irresistible and they have been gathering converts to the “polka side” for years. The band’s most recent release, POLKA’S REVENGE is the next step in proving that the power of polka is inescapable.


Track listing:


1. The Innocent Gadfly
2. At The Polka Fest
3. Cajun Danish
4. Stan Blout Medley
5. Swir, Swir Oberek
6. Lovers on Public Benches
7. The Denton Polka
8. Kiss Me, Sweetheart 9. Amerika
10. Crystal Pearls
11. I Can See For Miles
12. Northside Hop
13. Picnic Polka
14. Joy Waltz
15. Let's Get Going
16. Trippy Town (Denton Life)
17. Crazy Goose
18. Holiday in Poland
19. Don't Let Go
20. Juke Box Cheer

Artist: Brave Combo

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