Brueggen, Gary and The Ridgeland Dutchmen - 25 Years of Miles, Smiles and Memories

Wisconsin's Concertina Kid

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Track listing:


1. This Must Be the Place Polka
2. Rendezvous Waltz
3. Musicians Come and Play Polka
4. Somewhere somebody’s Waltzing Waltz
5. Tuba Polka
6. Ma and Pa Polka
7. Twilight in Bohemia Waltz
8. Bottoms up Polka
9. Trumpet Echoes Polka
10. Let Me Be There
11. Won’t you all come Dance with Me Polka
12. Colleen’s Waltz
13. Champion Valley Polka
14. Blue Skirt Waltz
15. Bartender Polka
16. Dancing Slovene Polka
17. Hometown Hoolerie Polka
18. River of the Roses
19. Lullabye Waltz
20. Clarinet Polka on the Saxophone
21. Helena Polka
22. Lil’ Wally Medley

Artist: Gary Brueggen's Ridgeland Dutchmen

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