Brueggen, Gary and The Ridgeland Dutchmen - I Feel A Headache Coming On…

Wisconsin's Concertina Kid

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Track listing:


1. Musicians Play All Night Polka
2. Poochies Polka
3. I Still Want You Waltz
4. Mr. Buttons Polka
5. Waltzing In the Woods Waltz
6. 1-2-3 Polka
7. Like A Rose Polka
8. Angel from Heaven Waltz
9. I Feel a Headache Coming On Polka
10. Rain Rain Polka
11. Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain Polka
12. Chromatic Polka
13. Dutch Village Waltz
14. Little Arrows
15. Slovenian Home Polka
16. Sweet Nearness of You
17. Burgettstown Polka
18. Whispering
19. Golden Pheasant Polka
20. Field of Flowers Waltz
21. Wow Polka
22. Give Me a Kiss Polka

Artist: Gary Brueggen's Ridgeland Dutchmen

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