Brueggen, Gary and The Ridgeland Dutchmen - Plays those songs that have been forgotten!!!

Wisconsin's Concertina Kid - Featuring 24 Polkas and Waltzes The Ridgeland Dutchman way!

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Track listing:


1. Grasshopper Polka
2. Midnight in Wisconsin Waltz
3. Ideward’s Polka
4. Little Fella Waltz
5. Bobbie’s Polka
6. Wishing Well Waltz
7. Flying Fingers Polka
8. Hinter ‘M Huhnerstall Waltz
9. Muehlbauer Polka
10. Cottage under the Mountains Waltz
11. Hupsa Dyna Polka
12. Neil’s Laendler
13. Fleeting Memories Waltz
14. Augie’s Polka
15. Golden Daisies Waltz
16. Pilsen Polka
17. Circling Pigeons Laendler
18. Monkey Polka
19. Cuckoo Waltz
20. Two Canaries Polka
21. With This Ring Waltz
22. Button Accordion Polka
23. Soon We’ll Be Married Polka
24. Green Parrot Polka

Artist: Gary Brueggen's Ridgeland Dutchmen

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