Brusky - The First Forty Years

Cleveland Style Polkas with a nearly 17 minute Polka Hit Medley!

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Tom Brusky is celebrating the first 40 years of his life with the release of this CD. This album is jammed with some fun polkas including a nearly 17 minute Cleveland Style Polka Medley. Special Guests include: Steve Meisner, Don Hunjadi, Eric Noltkamper, Dan Wojtila, Kathy Zamejc Vogt, Jeff Winard, Grant Kozera, and more. There are some fine originals with much fun music throughout! Check out this CD today!


Track Listing:


2. Big Splash Polka
3. Cindo’s Waltz
4. Let’s Go Dancin’, Darlin’
5. Louis Our Polka King
6. Laendler in A-Flat
7. Pap Joe’s Polka
8. Swingin’ Sinatra Medley
9. Blue Dancing Shoes
10. Play from Your Heart
11. Cleveland-Style Polka Medley with the following 12 songs:
1. Erfie’s
2. Corn Palace
3. Castle Rock
4. 4 R’s
5. Hayride
6. Happy Minutes
7. Penguin
8. Mocilnikars
9. Rosey Posey
10. Flirt with the Girls
11. Jack & Jill
12. Buehnie’s

Artist: Tom Brusky

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