Buchel - Here's to You!  Polka Sounds of '72

Ferd Buchel cranking out Classic Polkas from Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

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Ferd Buchel presents "Here's to You! Polka Sounds of '72". Ferd Buchel plays classic music from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Check out this CD today! Track Listing:

1. Snappy Fingers Polka
2. Argentina Waltz
3. Kirk's Polka
4. I'll Step Aside
5. Balina Polka
6. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
7. Iron Mike Polka
8. Bavarian Laendler
9. Rosey Posey Polka
10. Honky Tonk Angels
11. Pirates Polka
12. Picadilly and Skirts Medley
Artist: Ferd Buchel

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