Dorf Kapelle - Musik ist Leben (Music is Life)

Brass Band Music direct from Wisconsin with the Dorf Kapelle (Village Band)!

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Dorf Kapelle (the Village Band) from Wisconsin continues to impress many with their fantastic brass band music. Ernie Broeniman has led the ensemble for over two decades as they continue to perform and delight. Enjoy Dorf Kapelle via this CD today!

Track listing:

1. Happy Wanderer
2. The Way Back Waltz
3. You Never Forget Your First Love
4. Beautiful Prague Waltz
5. On The Autobahn
6. Fire Department March
7. Musicians Come and Play Polka
8. Eye Opener Polka
9. Bohemian Wind Waltz
10. German Fest Polka
11. Spoon Polka
12. Wind Song
13. Anna Polka
14. Bass Drum March
15. Life in the Finnish Woods Waltz
16. Erika March
17. From The Mountain Top
18. We are Children of the Eger Polka
19. Barnstompers Schottische
20. Egerland Heimatland Polka
Artist: Dorf Kapelle

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