Dorf Kapelle - Such a Beautiful Day

Brass Band Music direct from Wisconsin with the Dorf Kapelle (Village Band)!

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Dorf Kapelle (the Village Band) from Wisconsin continues to impress many with their fantastic brass band music. Ernie Broeniman has led the ensemble for over two decades as they continue to perform and delight. Enjoy Dorf Kapelle via this CD today!

Track listing:

1. So ein sch├Âner Tag Polka (Such a Beautiful Day)
2. Mein Gl├╝cksstern Polka (My Lucky Star)
3. Patrona Bavariae Waltz (Father Bavaria)
4. Darmo sa manko Polka (My Dear Mother)
5. Bubi, Bubi noch einmal (Bubi, One More Time)
6. Im Rosengarten von Sansoucci Marschlied (Rosegarden at Sansoucci)
7. Greet the Folks at Home Waltz
8. Amsel Polka (Blackbird)
9. Seeman Swing (Sailor)
10. Javorinka Sediva Polka (Grey Mountain)
11. Mama Waltz
12. White Horse Polka
13. Pusteblumen Polka (Dandelion)
14. La Montanara Waltz
15. Laughing Schottische
16. Midnight Waltz
17. Under the Double Eagle March
18. Muss I Denn/Auf Wiedersehn
Artist: Dorf Kapelle

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