Fezz Fritsche - Sings and Plays Tanta Anna and Other Favorites

International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Fezz Fritsche!

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Born in 1908, International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Victor “Fezz” Fritsche started his own band in 1940. He called his orchestra the “Goosetown Band”. Fezz sprung out of Goosetown, the area that New Ulm, Minnesota so named because geese roamed free on the streets and yards in pioneer days. He profited from his band and those long, sleepy rides through the night, home from dance halls in Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, as well as Minnesota. He was one of the best old-time band leaders in New Ulm, ranking with Harold Loeffelmacher of the Six Fat Dutchmen, Babe Wagner and Whoopee John Wilfahrt. Fezz Fritsche and the Goosetown Band made many radio appearances, locally, in Minnesota, and other states. He was a great showman and always had lots of jokes and stories to tell, for which he would change words and names to fit the occasion.

Fezz Fritsche’s baton was his clarinet. “Tanta Anna” was his theme.

One evening during Polka Days in New Ulm in the '50s, nine bands paraded at 8:00 p.m. and took their places on big flatbed trailers. They played polkas, schottisches and waltzes until midnight and then dispersed after a few encores. The crowd numbered about 25,000. But the music of the Goosetown band lingered on. Taverns closed, but the celebrants wouldn’t give up. The music of Fezz kept them at his feet a swaying mass shoulder to shoulder. It wasn’t until 1:30 a.m. that the great showman promised he would sing “Tanta Anna” one more time if they would let him stop and go home.

Track Listing:

1. Tanta Anna
2. Green Grove Polka
3. Jolly Waltz
4. Rock and Polka
5. Lois Waltz
6. Hattan Wir Lieber Das Gelt Ver Grabben
7. Tick Tock Polka
8. Mountain Belle Schottische
9. Moonbeams Clear
10. Swedish Hambo Mazurka
11. Annie Waltz
12. Blue Bird Polka
Artist: Fezz Fritsche

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