Good Times - Kick in the Brass

Polish American Polkas with the Good Times from Chicago!

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The Good Times hail from Chicago. This CD contains 27 songs with The Good Times. Check out this CD today!

Track listing:

Track Listing:

1. Kick in the Brass Polka
2. Your Gonna Be My Wife Polka
3. I Knew I Was Falling for You
4. To I Owo
5. Easy Does It Polka
6. Good Boy Polka
7. Moja Zosienka Oberek
8. Another Love Song Polka
9. Mister Neighbor Polka
10. Cruising down The River
11. Dancing Together
12. Flew the Coop Oberek
13. Early Morning Polka
14. Who's Looking at Who Polka
15. Little Bitty Tear Polka
16. Good Time Charlie Polka
17. Margie's My Girlfriend
18. Bouncing Balls Polka
19. Farewell My Good Friend
20. Somebody Love U Oberek
21. I Had a Wife Polka
22. Used to Be Polka
23. Look at You, Look at Me
24. Your Heart Waltz
25. Sing and Dance Polka
26. Good Times Medley
27. So Long, So Long Polka
Artist: The Good Times

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