Henry - Great Polkas

Polish Eastern Style Polkas

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International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Ray Henry was one of the most popular Eastern Style big band polka leaders. Ray Henry composed many songs through the years. One of his most popular songs was the Ballroom Polka.


Track listing:


1. Hi, Low, Jack Polka
2. In My Cradle Polka
3. Polka Jack Polka
4. Whistler's Polka
5. Polish – Love
6. At That Club Oberek
7. Domino Polka
8. Golden Gate Polka
9. Diamond Ring Polka
10. Moonshot Polka
11. Politics Polka
12. Silk Handkerchief Polka
13. Roadrunner Polka
14. Ballroom Polka

Artist: Ray Henry & His Orchestra

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