Hyrczyk - Livin' The Dream

Fine Button Box Accordion with Bud Hyrczyk!

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After several years of hiatus, Bud Hyrczyk picked up the button box accordion and began to play again. Not only did Bud Hyrczyk play, but he also composed new songs. You will find 25 brand new songs on this CD written by Bud Hyrczyk. Don’t pass this fine CD today with guest performers Don Hunjadi, Eric Noltkamper, Rick Hartmann, and Dan Tutsch!

Track listing:

1. Uncle Don's Polka
2. Stroll in the Park
3. Popcorn Polka
4. Prikelander Waltz
5. Sweets Polka
6. Highlife Polka
7. Are You The One Waltz
8. Happy Buttons
9. September Polka
10. Karnterland Waltz
11. Dandy Sandy's Polkagrammy
12. Father Bob's Sunday Polka
13. I Need To
14. Setniker's Polka
15. Kate's Polka
16. My Son Waltz
17. Let's Have a Polka
18. Big Old John's Polka
19. Just One Last Time
20. Beverly Polka
21. May Day Polka
22. Enchantment Waltz
23. Amy's Polka
24. Neapolitan Polka
25. Renee's Waltz
26. Farewell All My Friends

Chosen the best Slovenian CD for 2014 by 247polkaheaven.com
Artist: Bud Hyrczyk

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