Intihar - Pennsylvania Picnic Polkas

Cleveland Style Polkas with Jerry Intihar!

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Jerry Intihar plays polkas! Check out this accordion featured CD with Jerry Intihar. There is a nice variety of music within this CD!

Track Listing:

1. Pennsylvania Hills/Lazy Days Polka
2. Rolling Rock Polka
3. Bump City Polka
4. Another Day's Ending Waltz
5. Mountain Polka
6. Cheers, Beers and Tears Waltz
7. Ohio Polka
8. Carol's Waltz
9. After All These Years
10. Flutophone Polka
11. Alone in the Moonlight Polka
12. Ronnie's Polka
13. Rondezvous Waltz
14. Spanish Nights/Vaya Con Dios
15. Coal Miner's Polka
16. Dance with Me
17. A Thing of Beauty
18. German Waltz Medley
19. Good Night Luigi
Artist: Jerry Intihar

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