Jirikovec - Let Er Rip!

Mark Jirikovec plays classic Bohemian Style Polkas from Wisconsin!

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Mark Jirikovec performs in the popular Classic Bohemian Style of Northern Northeast Wisconsin. Check out the music on this CD with Mark Jirikovec.

Track Listing:

1. Eyes of Blue Polka
2. Rib Mountain Polka
3. Autumn Rose Laendler
4. Memories Waltz
5. Gypsy Polka
6. Nuff Said Polka
7. Grandfather’s Joy Laendler
8. Blue Eyed Dolly Waltz
9. Iron Mountain Polka
10. Old Neva Days Polka
11. Waltz of the Angels
12. Honeymoon Waltz
13. Coal Miners Polka
14. Who’s Going to Love You Polka
15. Rain Rain Polka
16. Say Thank You Dear Waltz
17. Let’s Go Chasing Women Polka
18. Fortunes of War Polka
19. Mixed Up Polka

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