Kilian - A Blast from the Past

Polish American Polkas with Jimmy Killian and Honky Chicago!

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This CD contains Polish American Polkas with Jimmy Killian’s Honky All-Stars. “A Blast from the Past” is the title of this CD. Check out Jimmy Killian’s Honky All-Stars.

Tracks include:

1. Polish Sausage Polka
2. I Like Your Golabki Polka
3. Lovely Girl Polka
4. Sad Life Waltz
5. Full Moon Polka
6. Good Time Polka
7. When I was Walking My Girl Polka
8. Gypsy Polka
9. Old Time Oberek
10. Grey Pigeon Polka
11. My True Love Waltz
12. I Had a Great Time Polka
13 Polish Annie Polka
14. Wandzia Polka
15. Chicago Is a Polka Town
Artist: Jimmy Kilian and Honky Chicago

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