Kilian - Hot and Spicy!

Polish American Polkas with Jimmy Killian and Honky Chicago!

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This CD contains Polish American Polkas with Jimmy Killian’s Honky All-Stars. “Hot and Spicy!” is the title of this CD. Check out Jimmy Killian’s Honky All-Stars.

Tracks include:

1. Expecting Daughter
2. Play Musicians Oberek
3. Promises Polka
4. Fighting Wife Waltz
5. Hello My Kajda Polka
6. Show Me Oberek
7. Out of Town Polka
8. Remember Dear Waltz
9. Daddy Wouldn't Let Me Polka
10. Teasers Oberek
11. Let's All Dance Polka
12. Ty Ry Rytkum Oberek
13. Do You Remember Polka
14. She Had To Be Mine Oberek
15. Take Me Baby Polka
Artist: Jimmy Kilian and Honky Chicago

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