Lush - I'll Build You a Home

Polish American Polka Music direct from Chicago with the Golden Voice of Polkas Marion Lush!

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International Polka Music Hall of Fame ® Marion Lush is well known as the Golden Voice of Polkas. He is part of Chicago Polish polka history. His many hits have been preserved through his recordings. Here is one of his many CDs.

Track Listing:

1. I'll build you a Home Waltz
2. Malenka Halenka
3. Remember Me Waltz
4. My Boyfriend Polka
5. Oj Dana Dana
6. Oj Oj Oj Polka
7. Why Oh Why Waltz
8. Daddy's Troubles Polka
9. Jasiu Jasiu Waltz
10. Life of a Drunk Polka
11. Beer Beer Beer
12. Ding Dong Polka
13. Dorothy's Waltz
14. Hot Peppers Polka
15. Red Rose Polka
16. Andziu Polka
17. Yes Sir She's My Baby
18. Write Me a Letter Waltz
19. Life Is Good Polka
20. Boys like Blondes Oberek
21. Musician Polka
22. I Miss You Waltz
Artist: Marion Lush

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