Maksymowicz - Polkas From Poland

Ted Maksymowicz plays Great Classic Eastern Style Big Band Polkas and more!

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Ted Maksymowicz performs first rate “Polkas from Poland”! This CD contains 2 full length albums. Fantastic Sounds with Ted Maksmowicz and His Orchestra!

Track listing:

1. Polonaise Oginski
2. Romantic Waltz
3. Seven Red Roses
4. To The Left Oberek
5. Song of My Warsaw Waltz
6. First Grey Hair
7. Janina Polka
8. Violetta
9. Basia Kujawiak
10. Apple Kujawiak-Sztajerek
11. I Only Have You
12. Swir Swir Mazur
13. Polish Wedding Polka
14. Soldier’s Polka
15. Zosia Polka
16. High Low Oberek
17. Helen Polka
18. Happy Farmer Polka
19. Dancing Girl Polka
20. White Eagle Polka
21. In The Country Mazur
22. Goral Polka
23. Bunny Barbara Polka
24. Unita Polka
Artist: Ted Maksymowicz and His Orchestra

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