National Button Accordion Festival All-Stars

All Original Diatonic Button Box Accordion!

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The National Button Accordion Festival All-Stars present All Originals on this CD. Artists include: Dave Bey, Marge Ford, William Hayes, Cody McSherry, Ron Pivovar, Julie Tabaj, and Roger Weinfurter. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

Roger Weinfurter
1. Emma’s Polka
2. Balko’s Waltz
3. Skip’s Polka

Marge Ford
4. On with The Show
5. Lady
6. Fairbanks Alaska Waltz

Ron Pivovar
7. Thomas’s Polka
8. John and Helen's Polka
9. Polka Tamanini

William Hayes
10. Apple Blossom Waltz
11. Paseo Del Rio
12. A Song for Carol

Dave Bey
13. Frank and Isabelle’s Polka
14. Mable’s Waltz
15. Marcella’s Latin Melody

Cody McSherry
16. Pivovar’s Polka
17. Brigita and Slavko’s Waltz

Julie Tabaj
18. Dance and Sing Polka
19. Connected Waltz
20. Vincenzo’s Polka
21. Pencil-Vain-I-A

Artist: The National Button Accordion Festival All-Stars

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