Sturr - Come On and Dance - DVD and CD Set

Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra perform over 90 Minutes of music on this Live-In Person DVD and CD Box Set!

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Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra perform over 90 Minutes of Music on this DVD and CD Box Set. Special Guests include Lori Skvarch, Lenny Gomulka, and Andy Cooney. Check out this CD and DVD Box Set today with Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra!

Track Listing:

1. Come On and Dance
2. Stardust
3. Harmony Bells Polka
4. Button Box Polka
5. Mockingbird Oberek
6. Celebration Polka
7. Statue of a Fool
8. Just Because Polka
9. Orange Blossom Special
10. Make It Sing
11. Dance With Me Oberek
12. Elks Parade
13. Polka About a Girl
14. Somewhere My Love Waltz
15. Yakety Sax
16. Alexander's Ragtime Band
17. Who Stole the Kishka
18. A Strange Shade of Blue
19. Dream Polka
20. Waltz Medley
21. How Married Are You MaryAnn
22. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White
23. Clarinet Polka
24. Joplin Medley
25. Irish Medley
26. Danny Boy
27. Mount Troy Polka
28. Opus #1
29. Kolo Miasta
30. Woodchoppers Ball
31. Hanks Magic Polka
32. Holiday in Poland Polka
33. Meadowlark Polka
34. Helena Polka
35. Raisin Cane Polka
Artist: Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra

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