Voices of Switzerland

Voices of Switzerland from Wisconsin!

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"Voices of Switzerland" is the title of this CD. Within the state of Wisconsin there are many artists that continue performing music of the Swiss. Here is a small sampling of the "Voices of Switzerland" from Wisconsin on this CD!

Track Listing:

1. Ski Waltz
2. Vagabunden-Lied
3. Schniter-Tanz
4. Swiss Greetings
5. Wengernalp Jodel
6. Swiss on Rye
7. Chum Mir Wi Go Chriesli Gunne
8. Ei Du Schone Tulipa
9. Uf De Berge Mocht I Lebe
10. Lustig ist Des Zigeunerleben
11. D'Buebe-Jodelduett
12. Hut gelt es s'Alp
13. En Juchzer
14. Borgblueme
15. Heuerzyt
Artist: Various Artists

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