Welcome to Slovenefest

Welcome to Slovenefest with Walter Ostanek, Roman Possedi, Johnny Krizancic, Tony Klepec, and More!

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"Welcome to Slovenefest" is the title of this CD. Several artists perform on this CD including: Walter Ostanek, Tony Klepec, Roman Possedi, Ted Zalac, Johnny Krizancic, and many more. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Slovenefest Polka-Roman Possedi
2. Slovene Medley-Fran Nespor and Millie Novak
3. Happy Mountaineer Waltz-Johnny Krizancic
4. Polka Pals Polka-Roman Possedi
5. Ferry Boat Serenade Polka-Roman Possedi and Walter Ostanek
6. Night in May Waltz-Johnny Krizancic
7. Red Wine Polka-Tony Klepec
8. Sweet Pete Polka-Walter Ostanek
9. She Told Me She Loved Me Polka-Johnny Krizancic
10. Best Time Ever Polka-Jane Gregorin
11. I Can't Forget You Waltz-Roman Possedi
12. Moja Dekle Polka-Roman Possedi
13. Old Timers Polka-Tony Klepec
14. Marijana-Johnny Krizancic
15. Just Like Old Times Polka-Jane Gregorin
16. When I Marry Mary Lou Polka-Ted Zalac
17. Love Me Waltz-Roman Possedi
18. Rolla Costa Polka-Walter Ostanek
19. You Once Said That You Loved Me Waltz-Johnny Krizancic
20. Welcome Polka-Johnny Krizancic
Artist: Various Artists

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