Polka Eddie Akavickas and the Jolly Gentlemen - At The Polka Festivals 1969

Classic Old Time Music from Wisconsin with Polka Eddie and The Jolly Gentlemen!

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Polka Eddie and the Jolly Gentlemen from Wisconsin performing Classic Polkas and Waltzes! Louis Zdrazil performs along with Polka Eddie Akavickas, the leader of the Jolly Gentlemen. Other performers include: Robert Schwartz, Howie Stieber, Mike Scheffler, Douglas Bloom, and Keith Akavickas. Check out this CD today.

Track Listing:

1. Polka For Two
2. Let’s Get Together Waltz
3. Little Pet Polka
4. Louie’s Laendler
5. Bob’s Polka
6. Kewaunee Polka
7. Playing Masters Polka
8. Tipsy Waltz
9. Rano Ranicho Polka
10. Milk-O-Ma Waltz
11. Katinka-A-Kido Polka
12. Madlenka Polka
Artist: Polka Eddie Akavickas and the Jolly Gentlemen

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