Pekol - Back to School

Accordion featured Polkas and More with Jim Pekol!

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Jim Pekol has been making music for years. His entire life involves music in some fashion whether teaching, performing, composing, and/or conducting. Check out the Jim Pekol band on this CD today!

Track listing:

Track Listing:

1. Jamie's Polka
2. A Spoonful of Sugar Polka
3. I'll Wait for You Waltz
4. Our Love Polka
5. There Where the Flowers Bloom Waltz
6. Felicia, She No Capicia
7. I Don't Know Why I Love You Polka
8. The Wind Brings My Song to You Waltz
9. Silk Umbrella Polka
10. Daddy
11. Ten Swedes Polka
12. Peggy's Waltz
13. Lovey Dovey Polka
14. Alpine Climber's Ball Waltz
15. Frankie and Johnny
16. I Love to Polka
17. Whoop Polka
18. Moonbeams Waltz
19. Sunset Valley Polka
20. Route 66
21. Across the Plains Polka
22. Happy Hour Waltz
23. I Saw Esau Polka
24. Cuckoo Waltz
25. Merry Christmas Polka
26. T'was the Night before Christmas Waltz
Artist: Jim Pekol

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