Babe Wagner - Babe Wagner's Band Volume 1

Polkas from the Upper Midwest with Babe Wagner!

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Babe Wagner lived a short life. His influence on the music scene was very significant. Babe Wagner grew up in New Ulm, Minnesota. New Ulm, Minnesota is well known for the Swingin' Dutchmen style. There were many bands that came from New Ulm that played this style of music. Before Babe Wagner finally settled back in Minnesota to play his music, he went to Chicago and joined the great Gene Krupa band that was one of the Columbia Records recording artists. Babe took his trombone and moved back home to play his polkas and more. And yes Babe Wagner also recorded his music for Columbia Records on several 78 RPMs. Check out this CD by Babe Wagner simply titled "Babe Wagner's Band, Volume 1". One of the Best to ever play the music in New Ulm, Minnesota.

Track Listing:


1. Bummel Petrus Polka
2. Chicago Waltz
3. Musicky Polka
4. I’m Coming Waltz
5. Barbara Polka
6. New Ulm Waltz
7. Emilia Polka
8. Dutch Festival Waltz
9. Guido Polka
10. Lights Out Waltz
11. Sauerkraut Polka
12. Hopeless Polka
13. Laendler #1
14. Oneta Polka
15. Black Hawk Waltz
16. Snowflower Polka
17. Evening Shadows Waltz
18. Favorite Polka
19. Trumpeters Laendler
20. Cherry Pickers Polka
21. Paullina Waltz
22. Hard To Get Polka
23. On Your Toes Polka
24. Meditation Waltz
25. Upside Down Polka
26. Midnight Waltz

Artist: Babe Wagner

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