Watson - Polkas from the Woodshed

All Instrumental Button Box Accordion with Logan Watson!

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Logan Watson presents this CD entitled "Polkas from the Woodshed". Logan played most of the instruments on this CD including Diatonic Button Box Accordion, Chromatic Accordion, Guitar, Bass, Drums, and piano.

Special Guests on this CD include Fred Ziwich and Ron Pivovar.

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Track Listing:

1. Tatano's Polka
2. Crego's Polka
3. P.J.'s Polka
4. Jordan's Waltz
5. Celia Polka
6. Dussing's Polka
7. Wasacz's Polka
8. Chapman's Polka
9. Spomin
10. Little Train
11. Jack on Saint Clair
12. Grandovic's Other Polka
13. Das Echolied der Dolomiten
14. Party March
15. William's Tune
16. Gray Cat Oberek
17. Snappy Fingers
18. Righty's Polka
19. Lefty's Polka
20. Special Bonus Track: The AAR P'ers playing "Cleveland Style Polka Medley"
Artist: Logan Watson

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