Brass Connection (TBC) - Made in America

International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Frankie Liszka & The Brass Connection (TBC) play Polish American Push Style Polkas

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The Brass Connection (TBC) played for decades. Their creative songs and powerful Push polkas certainly set high standards for many. Along with their strong creative music enjoy TBC’s tight sound!

Track listing:

1. High Shoes Polka
2. Endless Highway Polka
3. The Guys in the Band Polka
4. I Like It Polka
5. She Wants Me Polka
6. No One but You Polka
7. My Little Quail Oberek
8. Help!
9. A Fool Never Learns Polka
10. Why Should I Be Sad Polka
11. Don't Follow Me Polka
12. My Wedding Day Polka
13. One Good Reason Polka
14. Take My Heart Polka
15. Good Bye Good Luck Polka
Artist: The Brass Connection

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