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Brueggen, Gary and The Ridgeland Dutchmen - Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen "Live" - 2 DVD Box Set

Excellent Concertina with Gary Brueggen and his Ridgeland Dutchmen - 2 DVDs - Over 2 hours of music!

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Product Description        

Gary’s Ridgeland Dutchmen recorded Live-In-Person for the Mollie B Polka Party on RFD TV. Gary Brueggen is an outstanding concertina player! Don't pass these DVDs today.

2 DVD Box Set

Over 2 hours in length

Track listing:


1. Cashton Our Hometown
2. Champion Valley Polka (Brian Brueggen)
3. Christmas Toy Polka (Karl Hartwich)
4. Euclid Vet’s Polka
5. Footstep’s walking with Me
6. Bobbie’s Polka (Syl Liebl)
7. Across the Plains Polka
8. Yodeling through Life Waltz
9. Mozart’s Polka (George Staiduhar)
10. Red Raven Polka
11. I Wanna Call You Sweetheart Polka (Joey Miskulin)
12. Grasshopper Polka
13. Monkey Polka
14. Let the Cowboy Dance
15. Naughty Girl Polka
16. 1-2-3 Polka
17. More Beer Polka
18. Praha Polka
19. Red Apple Polka
20. Honey Bee Waltz (Ray Meyer)
21. Tinker Polka
22. Country Gentlemen Polka
23. Hollywood Polka
24. Wow Polka


25. Ice Cubes and Beer Polka
26. Beer Garden Polka
27. Tony's Polka
28. Slovenian Home Polka
29. I Feel a Headache Coming On Polka
30. Chromatic Polka
31. Bonnie Polka
32. Apron Waltz
33. Poochie's Polka
34. Mussette Polka
35. Rendezvous Waltz
36. Trumpet Echoes Polka (Slavko Avsenik)
37. This Must Be The Place Polka
38. Uncle Otto's Polka
39. Ellen Polka
40. Angel Polka
41. Come Wet Your Moustache with Me Waltz
42. Musician's Play All Night Polka
43. Augie's Polka
44. Little Fella Waltz
45. Our Mike Polka
46. I Am Yours Polka
47. Smiles are made out of Sunshine
48. Waumandee Polka
Artist: Gary Brueggen's Ridgeland Dutchmen

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