Charm City Sound - Turn on the Charm

Polish American Push Style Polkas with Charm City Sound!

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Direct from Baltimore, it’s Charm City Sound! This creative bunch of musicians has been turning heads for years with their power packed polkas. “Yesterday’s Soul, Today’s Style, Tomorrow’s Sound” is Charm City Sound!

Track listing:

1. Turn on the Charm Polka
2. Why Don't You Believe Me
3. Cheating Maria
4. The Long Way Home
5. Under the Influence of Love
6. Tipsy in the Garden Oberek
7. Bartenders
8. Heartbreak Expressway
9. Johnny's Dream
10. Blonde Bombshell
11. There Goes My Baby
12. The Last Farewell Waltz
13. Schizophrenic Diatribes
14. High Bounce
15. Boys Medley
16. Leaving For the Front
Artist: Charm City Sound

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