6 Fat Dutchmen - #1 Polka Band

The Six Fat Dutchmen from New Ulm, Minnesota with 24 Hits!

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Decades ago, the Six Fat Dutchmen were known as the nation’s Number 1 Polka Band. Here is the Six Fat Dutchmen with 24 Classic Hits! Check out this CD today with International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Harold Loeffelmacher and the 6 Fat Dutchmen!

Track listing:

1. The Old Spinning Wheel Polka
2. Seventeen Bar Waltz
3. All Star Polka
4. The Saxophone Schottische
5. Springtime Polka
6. New Ulm Waltz
7. Happy Go Lucky Polka
8. The Spoonmaker Laendler
9. Dig That Crazy Oom Pah Man Polka
10. Hot Coffee Schottische
11. You Tell Me Polka
12. Casey’s Old Time Waltz
13. When it’s Springtime in the Rockies Polka
14. Ocean Waves Waltz
15. Bohemian Polka
16. The Old Soldier’s Schottische
17. Duster Polka
18. Moonbeam Waltz
19. Listen to the Mocking Bird Polka
20. The Farmer’s Wedding Waltz
21. Katrina Polka
22. Mexican Hat Dance Polka
23. Suitor’s Waltz
24. Linda Polka
Artist: Six Fat Dutchmen