Catholic Choral Society - Carols of Poland

Christmas Carols of Poland as Sung By The Catholic Choral Society

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The Catholic Choral Society was founded in 1956 at the request of the late Cardinal Stritch with the cooperation and sponsorship of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America. The Catholic Choral Society played an important role in numerous significant events in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Numbering thirty-five women and twelve men, it provided liturgical music at ceremonial functions in many of the churches of the Archdiocese. Religious and secular music also form a part of its repertoire, especially in radio performances and in its choral programs for religious and public institutions. In this recording, the Catholic Choral Society presents a variety of well-known Polish carols to help make Christmas more enjoyable and meaningful.

“Carols of Poland” was originally recorded on November 11, 1964.

Tracks include:

1. In the Still of The Night
2. They Have Come Running to Bethlehem
3. O Star of Bethlehem
4. Today in Bethlehem There is Good News
5. Sleep, Baby Jesus
6. Let Us Rejoice
7. Fairest of Maidens
8. In the Manger Lies Jesus
9. Hurry, Follow The Star
10. Let Us All Go to the Stable
11. I Play the Bagpipe for Little Jesus
12. The Angel Said to the Shepherds
13. When the Infant Jesus
Artist: Catholic Choral Society