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Prime Time Polkas - DVD

Polka DVD featuring Cleveland Style Polkas with Bob Turcola and the Zolka Brothers

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Polka DVD


Prime Time Polkas


Featuring Bob Turcola and the Zolka Brothers


Guest Artists include: International Polka Music Hall of Fame®, Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame, 3 Time Grammy® Winner, Canada’s Polka King Walter Ostanek and Eddie Kenik


Track listing:


Bob Turcola
1. The Erlangen Polka
2. When I Saw You Standing There
3. I’ll wait For You
4. Lino’s Polka
5. Kamnik’s Polka
6. One Wish Waltz


Zolka Brothers
7. Zolka’s Polka
8. The Bartender’s Polka
9. Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain
10. Emily’s Waltz
11. The Big Bang Polka
12. My Mary Polka
13. Quick Stop Polka

Artist: Zolka Brothers, Bob Turcola, and Walter Ostanek