Rysavy - Classic Collection

Fine Concertina and more with Larry Rysavy and the Larry J Band!

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Larry Rysavy and the Larry J Band featuring Larry Rysavy on concertina and Jason Dobrinz on tuba! This CD is entitled “Classic Collection”. Don’t pass this CD today!

Track listing:

1. Adrian Polka
2. Burning Memories
3. Fairy Tale Waltz
4. Bartender Polka
5. Coon Valley Twist
6. Premium Laendler
7. Overcoat Polka
8. Til Each Tear Becomes a Rose
9. Mozart’s Polka
10. Love Makes the World Go Round
11. Jambalya
12. Buttons and Bellows Laendler
13. Swinging Just Right
14. Let the Cowboy Dance
15. When I Saw You Standing There Polka
16. Our Katy Polka
17. I Just Want to Dance with You
18. Ein Hofbrahous Waltz
19. Lady Be Good
20. King of the Road
21. Beer Bucket Polka
22. For the Good Times
Artist: Larry Rysavy and the Larry J Band