Californian Connection - Cooking With The Connection

California Connection Performs 26 Song Tracks on this CD!

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California Connection presents these 2 former albums now on 1 CD. “Cooking With The Connection” presents several creative polkas, obereks, and a waltz. Check out this CD today!

Track listing:

01. Recipe For Polka
02. Polka Dancers Polka
03. Hi-Ho To Polkaland Polka
04. Connecticut Oberek
05. Teenagers Polka
06. California Polka
07. Cheer For The Angels Polka
08. You Can’t Touch This Texas Polka
09. Sax-O-Fun Polka
10. Trumpets FX Polka
11. Dottie’s Oberek
12. Hippity Hop Polka
13. Clarinet Oberek
14. Our Way Polka
15. Turn On Polka Music Polka
16. Go-Go Polka
17. Polka Wave Polka
18. Stas and Stacey’s Oberek
19. Drummer Boy Polka
20. Padilla’s Polka
21. Very Married Maryanne Polka
22. Dizzy Digit’s Polka
23. Home On The Range Oberek
24. Mexican Polka
25. Chicago Express Polka
26. Dancing To A Slow Waltz
Artist: California Connection

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