Charm City Sound - Charmed and Dangerous

Polish American Distinctive Push Style Polkas

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Direct from Baltimore, it’s Charm City Sound! This creative bunch of musicians has been turning heads for years with their power packed polkas. “Yesterday’s Soul, Today’s Style, Tomorrow’s Sound” is Charm City Sound!


Track listing:


1. Dance with Me
2. Got To Go
3. Everything Is Fine
4. The Game
5. Someone Special
6. I'll Get By
7. My Coloring Book
8. Do You Believe?
9. Gdzie Ty Idziesz
10. I Think I'm Going to Like Loving You
11. In Her Room (Dance)
12. Dance like A Musician
13. Quando Quando Quando
14. If You Only Knew
15. No Wawel
16. Sweet Lullaby
17. Mr. Paul

Artist: Charm City Sound

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