Ampol Aires - The Best of the Ampol Aires

Classic Polish American Polkas with the Ampol Aires direct from Chicago!

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The Ampol Aires present “The Best of the Ampol Aires” on this CD. There are 24 classic tracks on this CD direct from Chicago. Check it out today!

Tracks include:

1. Tuba Polka
2. Strolling Girl Waltz
3. Harmony Hall Polka
4. Parade Polka
5. Aunt and Uncle Oberek
6. Mary Mine Polka
7. Happy Widower Polka
8. Mountain Drive Polka
9. Linden Tree Waltz
10. I Don't Need You Polka
11. Green Leaf Polka
12. Goodnight Waltz
13. Hey Muzykanci Polka
14. Polish Wedding Polka
15. Swir Swir Mazurek
16. Windy City Polka
17. In The Garden Waltz
18. Helena Polka
19. Lucy's Polka
20. Going Steady Oberek
21. Cal City Polka
22. St. Paul Waltz
23. Open the Window Polka
24. Flisak Krakowiak
Artist: Ampol Aires