Lush - Memories of Marion - 30 Marion Lush Hits for the very first time on CD!

International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Marion Lush, the Golden Voice of Polkas!

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International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Marion Lush is well known as the Golden Voice of Polkas. He is part of Chicago Polish polka history. His many hits have been preserved through his recordings. Enjoy these 30 songs with Marion Lush!


Track listing:


1. Marion Lush Opening Theme
2. Na Zdrowie Polka
3. In the Evening Waltz
4. In My Garden Polka
5. Should Have Stayed Single Oberek
6. I’m confessing Polka
7. High Bounce Polka
8. Johnny’s Knocking Polka
9. Matka Waltz
10. Young Years Polka
11. Play little Gypsy Waltz
12. Moonlight Polka
13. Helena Polka
14. Girls in Every Town Polka
15. Under the Bridge Polka
16. Lucky Stop Waltz
17. Lovely Girl Polka
18. Our Mary Waltz
19. Wilted Bush Polka
20. Wish I was Single Waltz
21. Merrily I Sing Polka
22. Our Breakup Polka
23. Seven Days and Seven Nights Polka
24. Oj Joj Joj Polka
25. Why Oh Why Polka
26. Daddy’s Troubles Polka
27. Oj Dana Dana Polka
28. Jasiu Jasiu Waltz
29. Life of a Drunk Polka
30. Swing and Sway Polka

Artist: Marion Lush