Lush - More Marvelous Memories of Marion - 28 Marion Lush Hits for the Very First Time on CD!, Volume 2

International Polka Music Hall of FameĀ® Marion Lush, the Golden Voice of Polkas!

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International Polka Music Hall of FameĀ® Marion Lush is well known as the Golden Voice of Polkas. He is part of Chicago Polish polka history. His many hits have been preserved through his recordings. Enjoy these 28 songs with Marion Lush!


Track Listing:


1. Oj Dana Dana Polka
2. Musician's Polka
3. Old Gray Mare
4. Dorothy's Waltz
5. Here We Come Polka
6. My Own True Love Polka
7. In The Woods Oberek
8. Mother and Daughter Polka
9. I Should Have Stayed Home Polka
10. Leaving Chicago Polka
11. Wishing Well Waltz
12. Homecoming Polka
13. Don't Cry Oberek
14. Come On Polka
15. Lucy's Desire Waltz
16. Stormy Clouds Polka
17. Young Fellow Oberek
18. Mickey Mouse Polka
19. Farm Girl Waltz
20. Polish Annie Polka
21. Only You Oberek
22. Pretty Flower Polka
23. Goodbye Chicago Waltz
24. Andziu's Polka
25. Dark Eyes Polka
26. I Lost My Girl Polka
27. Don't Flirt Polka
28. Goodnight Waltz

Artist: Marion Lush