Lush - Still More Marvelous Memories of Marion, Volume 4

The Golden Voice of Polkas Marion Lush!

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International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Marion Lush was born in 1931. He began playing accordion at the age of 8, then took up drums, followed by trumpet. At age 16 he joined the American Federation of Musicians. Appearing regularly on the Ron Terry Polka Show on WGN-TV for eight years, he was voted “Chicago’s Most Popular Polka Band” in a contest conducted by that show. His first Dyno record hit “Hey Cavalier Polka” further increased his popularity. His fans held a testimonial for him in 1967 at Joe and Jean’s in Chicago at which he was named “The Golden Voice of Polkas.”

Since the International Polka Association (IPA) came into existence and established the Annual Polka Music Awards and the Polka Music Hall of Fame, Marion Lush received the award for Best Male Vocalist three years in a row, in 1968-69-70. His Dyno hit “Blue Eyes Crying in The Rain” received the Best Single Award for 1970.

Marion was the owner of the Dyno Record Company since 1955, and the owner of Lu-Mar Publishing Company since 1959. He was responsible for the words, music and arrangements to 80 songs composed since 1955. He received numerous awards for record breaking crowds at ballrooms, parks and resorts throughout the U.S.; received keys to the city from mayors; was made an honorary sheriff; and was presented a platinum plaque by the Polonia of New England in 1969.

Marion Lush was one of two polka bands to perform at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. At one point Marion was booked to play a one-week engagement at famous Aragon Ballroom. This one-week performance turned into a 39-week engagement. This displays the popularity Marion Lush once enjoyed as a performer.

He was the father of four—Sherry, Glen, Gary and Gail—and his wife’s name was Nancy.

Huge crowds attended the wake upon his passing, feeling a serious loss to the polka field. He died on May 4, 1993, at the age of 61 years.

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Tracks include:

01. Hey Cavalier Polka
02. Casino Polka
03. Waiting For You Oberek
04. It’s No Joke Polka
05. Studio Time Polka
06. Oj Oj Oberek
07. Moonlight Polka
08. My Little Sweetheart Waltz
09. Andy’s Lesia Polka
10. Innocent Eyes Polka
11. Walking with Mary Polka
12. Happy Go Lucky Polka
13. Chicago Times Polka
14. Lillian Polka
15. Whose Girl Are You Waltz
16. Daddy’s Polka
17. Army Polka
18. Angie Polka
19. For My Girl Waltz
20. Red Beer Polka
21. Polonia Polka
22. Little Sir Echo Hop Oberek
23. Happy Bachelor Polka
24. Hu La La Polka
25. Girls from Chicago Polka
26. Wedding Waltz
27. Under the Greek Oak Tree Polka
28. Over My Cradle Polka

Artist: Marion Lush