Barefoot Becky - The Early Years - 2 CD Collector's Set

Barefoot Becky Celebrates 25 Years of Making Music with the Release of this Double CD Set!

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Barefoot Becky and the Ivanhoe Dutchmen have performed throughout the USA and more for over a Quarter of a Century. Enjoy this 2 CD Collector's Set with Barefoot Becky featuring 4 early albums that were on cassette tape. Check out this Double CD Set today!

Track listing:

CD 1

1. Jolly Musicians Polka
2. Slow and Easy Waltz
3. West a Nest and You Dear
4. Red Raven Polka
5. Swedes Laendler
6. Foolish Polka
7. Evening Shadows Waltz
8. Johnson Rag
9. Arnie Petersen's Polka
10. When We Parted Waltz
11. Redbird Polka
12. Starlight Waltz
13. Jolly Crowd Polka
14. Summertime Waltz
15. New Jolly Swiss Boy Polka
16. Jet Polka
17. Granny's Waltz
18. Mosquito Schottische
19. A Night in May
20. My Wife She is Happy
21. Midnight Waltz
22. Bobbie's Polka
23. Angry
24. Clairene Waltz
25. Twilight in Bohemia
26. Fireman's Polka
27. Redhead Polka
28. Ponderosa Polka

CD 2

1. Why Polka
2. Tavern Waltz
3. Hobo Polka
4. Elmer's Tune
5. Lori's Laendler
6. Homecoming Waltz
7. Emil's Polka
8. Heartaches Waltz
9. Silver Bells Polka
10. When the World Keeps on Turning
11. While You're Away
12. Musicians Come and Play
13. Young Widow Polka
14. Black Crow Polka
15. Bohemian Forest Waltz
16. Little Goose Polka
17. Blue Eyed Dolly Waltz
18. Rain Rain Polka
19. Dreamboat Waltz
20. Apron Waltz
21. White Horse Polka
22. Summertime Polka
23. Huntsman's Waltz
24. Blossom Waltz
25. Around and Around Polka
Artist: Barefoot Becky and The Ivanhoe Dutchmen

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