Bochnicek - The Best of 25 Years Polkas and Waltzes

Polkas from the Upper Midwest USA

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Track listing:


1. Skip Polka
2. Home Home Waltz
3. Grey Mountains Polka
4. Song of Bohemia Waltz
5. Beautiful Rhine Polka
6. Let Me Call You Sweetheart Waltz
7. If There Wasn't Music Polka
8. Elephant Waltz
9. Pan Handle Polka
10. Alpine Laendler
11. Saddle Horse Polka
12. Rose Blossom Waltz
13. Spring Awakening Polka
14. Tune Timers Polka (Ray Dorschner)
15. Autumn Rose Laendler
16. Merry Go Round Polka
17. Clock on the Steeple Polka
18. Little Vagabond Waltz
19. Bonnie Polka
20. Povidam Polka
21. Olands Schottische
22. Happy Moments Waltz
23. Playing Band Polka
24. Beverly Polka
25. Grandmother's Joy Laendler
26. Goodnight My Love Polka

Artist: Jim Bochnicek Orchestra