Coppersmiths - One More Time

Polkas from the Upper Midwest USA with Czech, German and Dutchmen influence

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Track listing:


1. Fireman's Polka
2. Apron Waltz
3. Tom Cat Polka
4. Haunted Garrett Waltz
5. Green is Green Polka
6. Grandmother's Joy Laendler
7. Tabor Festival Polka (Frank Melmer)
8. Plamor Waltz
9. Jolly Crowd Polka
10. Bohemian Memories Waltz
11. Barn Swallow Polka
12. Paulina Waltz
13. Roller Coaster Polka
14. Laendler #25
15. One Eyed Jack Polka
16. Wisconsin Waltz
17. When When Polka
18. Spring Flower Waltz
19. Unita Polka
20. Red Raven Waltz
21. Green Grove Polka
22. Deer Waltz

Artist: The Coppersmiths