Out of Town Czechs - Midnight in Lankin

Czech music from the Upper Midwest USA!

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Larry Rysavy and the Out-of-Town Czechs is a band that combines musicians from Minnesota and North Dakota. They certainly have fun and are definitely Czech. Enjoy this American Made Czech music direct from the Upper Midwest of the USA! This is their second album.


Track listing:


1. My Angel Polka
2. Foundling Waltz
3. Oompah Man Polka
4. Red Handkerchief Waltz
5. Midnight in Lankin Waltz
6. Baby Doll Polka
7. Dream Boat Waltz
8. Dutchmen’s Waltz
9. In the Mood
10. Homecoming Waltz
11. Musicians Come and Play Polka
12. Red Raven Waltz
13. Drinking Champagne
14. Red Wine Polka
15. At the Spring Waltz
16. Girl I Left Behind Waltz
17. Clover by the Water Polka
18. Red and White Waltz
19. Circling Pigeons Laendler
20. Little Goose Polka
21. White Sport Coat

Artist: Larry Rysavy and the Out-of-Town Czechs