Coppersmiths - Frank Melmer presents The Coppersmiths

Polkas from the Upper Midwest USA with Czech, German and Dutchmen influence

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Track listing:


1. Good Morning Polka
2. Woodchopper's Laendler
3. Skip Polka
4. Forest Waltz
5. When I Sleep Polka
6. Crazy
7. Marjanko Waltz
8. Uncle Otto's Polka
9. Laendler #7
10. Don't Kid Me Polka
11. At The Spring Waltz
12. Holly Grove Polka
13. Midnight Waltz
14. Ramblin Rose
15. Slow & Easy Laendler
16. Praha Polka
17. Pisnicka Ceska Waltz (Song of Bohemia)
18. Polka For Two
19. Happy Go Lucky Polka
20. Faded Love
21. Without A Thing Polka
22. Dreihorspitz Laendler
23. Arise My Darling Polka
24. Ninth Polka
25. Saxopipe Laendler

Artist: The Coppersmiths

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