Dahmen - Sounds of the Past

The Polka Beats featuring Dale Dahmen on Concertina from the Heart of Minnesota - All Instrumental!

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This CD contains Classic Music with Dale Dahmen and The Polka Beats. “Sounds of the Past” is the title of this CD paying tribute to great bands and songs of an earlier time. Don’t pass this All Instrumental CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Dutch Festival
2. Barbara
3. Farmer's Wedding
4. Buttons and Bellows
5. Firemen's Hoolerie
6. Huntsman's
7. Broke But Happy
8. Moonbeams Clear
9. Westwind
10. Life in the Finnish Woods
11. Fritzie
12. Grandmother's Joy
13. Muziky, Muziky
14. Casey's
15. Hard To Get Hoolerie
16. Orphan
17. Circling Pigeons

Artist: Dale Dahmen and The Polka Beats