Dietz - Back To Boxin' Around

Jon Dietz plays an Excellent Concertina throughout this CD!

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Jon Dietz and the Twin Lakes Trio present this CD album entitled “Back to Boxin’ Around”. Jon Dietz grew up in the “Concertina and Tuba Country” of Minnesota. He currently resides in Wisconsin and continues to push the music. Check out this CD!

Special Guest on Concertina is Wisconsin’s Concertina Kid, International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Gary Brueggen.

Track Listing:

1. Don’t Kid Me Polka
2. Bobbie’s Polka
3. Twilight in Bohemia Waltz
4. Across the Plains Polka
5. White Horse Polka
6. Ach Taller Waltz
7. Overcoat Polka
8. Barbara Polka
9. Miller Laendler
10. Bergvagabunden
11. New Ulm Favorite Polka
12. Snowflake Waltz
13. Circling Pigeons Laendler Polka
14. Bartender Polka
15. New Ulm Waltz
16. Overshoe Laendler
17. Ellen Polka
18. Midnight Waltz
19. Redbird Polka

Artist: Jon Dietz and The Twin Lakes Trio