Dorschner, Randy - Concertina...Dorschner Style Volume 3

Concertina featured throughout this CD album with Randy Dorschner on concertina, Jim Dorschner on tuba, and Ray "Wellsy" Wells on drums

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Track listing:


1. Foolish Polka
2. Dutch Treat Waltz (Ray Dorschner)
3. Our Katy Polka
4. Lori Lynn Laendler (Don Gralak)
5. Polka Day Polka (Ray Dorschner)
6. Nutty Laendler
7. Woodland Polka
8. Louigi’s Waltz
9. Lumberjack Polka
10. Trumpeter Laendler
11. Susy Polka
12. Little Fishermen’s Waltz
13. Pilsen Polka
14. Tyrolean Waltz
15. New Ulm Favorite Polka
16. Bride’s Waltz
17. Rocket Pilot Polka
18. Westphalia Waltz
19. Silk Umbrella Polka
20. Just Out of the Saloon
21. New California Polka
22. Laendler #1
23. Gary and Otto Polka
24. Patti’s Waltz
25. Don’t Get Around Much Any More

Artist: Randy Dorschner